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An acute attack of glaucoma

An acute attack of glaucoma

An acute attack of glaucoma - a dangerous condition that can result in loss of vision if the patient does not receive timely medical care. There is an acute attack of glaucoma is most often in the second half of the night between the third and fourth hour. By the time of waking the patient develops detailed picture of the attack:

  • there are a pain in the eye
  • headache
  • bright circles in front of
  • mist
  • vertigo.

All this may be accompanied by nausea, vomiting. Sometimes they even have pain in the heart, or abdominal pain. Sometimes, bad general condition - headaches, pains in the heart, slowing heart rate, abdominal pain, worried about a patient more than the pain in the eye and visual impairment that can lead to an erroneous assignment of treatment. Sometimes vomiting may be indomitable, strong pain in my heart, the electrocardiogram to detect changes and to diagnose an acute attack of glaucoma, there is a long time.

On examination revealed redness of the eye because of the blood vessels and obstructed outflow of blood. The eyelids and conjunctiva may be swollen. Because of the swelling cornea becomes cloudy, becomes "istykannoy." When probing eyes tight, some say, of the density of stone eyes. Most often, an acute attack of glaucoma occurs when the angle-closure glaucoma.

The reason for the block of intraocular fluid serves as a shift lens and iris forward. The iris can be almost adjacent to the cornea. The front chamber of the eye becomes very small. The pupil enlarged and usually does not react to light and may have a grayish or greenish color. At the time of an acute attack of glaucoma, intraocular pressure can reach 50 mm Hg. of Art. (At a rate not greater than 22 mm Hg. Art..)

Treatment of acute attack of glaucoma.

Help with an acute attack of glaucoma should be provided immediately. In the eye instilled pilocarpine or timolol. In the first hour of instillation every 10 minutes. Inside diakarb appointed. Intravenous administration of hypertonic possible solution of sodium chloride.

To reduce the blood flow to the eyes and removal of fluid from the vitreous body appointed by the hot foot bath for an hour, mustard plasters to the calves, saline laxatives. The patient should be hospitalized in the ophthalmic branch of the hospital. If the attack is not stopped by day, the intraocular pressure can not be reduced by surgical treatment.

Patients with narrow-angle glaucoma should be aware of the possibility of their acute attack of glaucoma. They should not consume much fluid at once, a long time to be in a position with bowed head, uncontrollably taking any medications. Must always be in possession of the drop, pill diakarba and the first signs of increased intraocular pressure yourself to take action to reduce it.

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