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Acute cholecystitis - Symptoms

Acute cholecystitis - Symptoms

The normal gallbladder is a reservoir with a capacity of 40-70 cm3. It is the repository produced in the liver bile, necessary for the normal process of digestion. Disorders of metabolism of bile is disturbed, and in the lumen of the gall bladder may be formed of stones. If this process joins infectious inflammation, we developed an acute cholecystitis.

This disease occurs more often in women older than 40 years. There is even a special triad of risk factors for cholecystitis, referred to as "Triple" ESP ":
  • Female (woman)
  • Fat (from overweight)
  • Fertile (having children).

Symptoms of cholecystitis

The early manifestations of this disease are very diverse. Most often, after the disturbances in the diet (receiving acute and fatty foods, alcohol), causing severe pain in the upper abdomen with the spread in the right upper quadrant. Pain constant or growing in intensity, may be given in the right shoulder. There is vomiting of bile, which does not bring relief. There have been rises in body temperature, heart rate, there is a slight yellowing of the skin. Language becomes dry, with a white bloom.

The progression of the disease can lead to terrible complication - peritonitis.

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