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Alternative treatments for lymphedema

Alternative treatments for lymphedema

Diuretics - medicines that allow the body to withdraw excess fluid in the urine. However, these drugs are not recommended for the treatment of lymphedema.

First, this is due to the fact that diuretics are unable to display a protein that is dissolved in the lymph. By removing a liquid, they leave the protein in the soft tissues, on the contrary, may worsen the disease, and also contributes to the new accumulation of fluid in the tissues. In addition, diuretics are available and the undesired effects: displaying a liquid, they can disrupt the balance of microelements in an organism that adversely affects the heart, nervous system and muscles.

Thus diuretics are widely used in conditions such as heart failure, general edema and high blood pressure. Do not use diuretics on their own, and even more so for a long time.

Before you start using these tools you should consult with your doctor or therapist.

Surgical procedures

For surgical treatment of lymphedema include surgery, aimed at creating new ways of lymphatic drainage as well as operations aimed at the complete excision of diseased tissue (subcutaneous tissue, fascia), followed by reimplantation of the skin. However, in recent years from the operative treatment of these patients are increasingly refusing because of its low efficiency and preferences of the methods of conservative treatment.

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