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Walking as a prevention of intermittent claudication

For diseases of lower limb arteries is characterized by such symptoms as intermittent claudication. It lies in the fact that when a certain distance, in the lower extremities - usually the calf, but may in any other parts of the legs - there is some discomfort or pain. These pains occur after the patient begins to walk and run after a rest. Intermittent claudication occurs when rapidly climbing stairs. ... Read more »
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Foot care is very important in diseases of the lower limb arteries. Under these diseases disturbed blood flow in the lower extremities due to narrowing of the lumen of the arteries with plaque. Diabetes is also accompanied by abnormal blood vessels, and moreover such condition as neuropathy. In the neuropathy observed decrease in sensitivity of the feet and toes, feeling chills and fatigue in the legs. If the patient does not notice the minor scrapes and injuries. T ... Read more »
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For vascular diseases include diseases of arteries, veins and lymphatic system. Vascular diseases have different causes. Among the most major causes of diseases of the aorta and the arteries - atherosclerosis. This disease is associated with metabolic disorders, and in particular - with lipid disorders. In atherosclerosis the inner walls of arteries and aorta cholesterol plaques are deposited special, consisting of cholesterol, calcium and fibrous tissue.

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