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Treatment and prevention of cancer

Treatment and prevention of cancer

In the treatment of cancer used all three of the classical method of cancer: surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. The method of treatment or a combination depends on many factors. Modern surgical treatment is usually less traumatic, and organ. Modern chemotherapy, as a rule, protocol, to achieve maximum effect with minimal impact. Radiation exposure is usually used combined with other methods, according to strict indications and established protocols. In general, each type of cancer requires an individual approach to treatment, and its success depends primarily on the time of detection.

Cancer prevention. There are primary, secondary and tertiary prevention. Primary prevention aims to discourage the development of cancer by reducing exposure to carcinogens (smoking cessation, the normalization of power supply, etc.), as well as improved cancer protection (neutralizing carcinogens, activation of DNA repair systems and the immune system, for the most part achieved by the formation of healthy life in the broadest sense).

Secondary prevention aims to identify pre-cancerous diseases, and addiction to it for inclusion of patients at risk. In high-risk groups should be regular screening. With this in Japan, for example, gastric cancer is detected and at least about 2 times more often, but death rates by 2-fold lower than in other countries.

Tertiary prevention is early detection and prevention of recurrence of cancer, not only in the place of the primary containment.

In conclusion I would like to list the most simple and easily achievable dietary guidelines for cancer prevention:
  • Normalization of body weight (obesity and physical inactivity are actively promoting the development of cancer, reducing the immune system and activating the DNA damage);
  • Reduce consumption of fat (fatty foods potentiates breast cancer, colon and prostate);
  • Increased consumption of dietary fiber, pectin and fetatov contained in fruits and vegetables (promote the binding of carcinogens) as well as vitamins and minerals needed for normal system of neutralization of carcinogens and DNA repair;
  • Limit alcohol consumption (more than 100 ml of pure alcohol per day contributes to the development of tumors of the digestive system and mammary gland);
  • Limit fried, smoked, nitrite-containing foods as sources of carcinogens.

Cancer is not inevitable, so the performance of basic preventive measures is ten times reduces the risk of disease.

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