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The operation of stenting

Usually, the operation of stenting is performed under local anesthesia, although it may be and under general anesthesia. The stent is installed through the femoral artery. To do this in the inguinal folds and carried a small incision is sought artery. Further, under the control of X-ray stent mounted on the end of a special balloon catheter is introduced into the artery and is supplied to the site of narrowing. Then the balloon is inflated, widening the artery and a stent is pushed into its wall.

The process of stent placement is controlled by X-ray monitor. To be sure, fixing the stent to the vessel wall balloon is inflated several times.
Possible complications of stenting

Most often, these include the formation of a blood clot in the stent. Therefore, all patients after surgery stenting prescribers, which prevent thrombosis.

Other less common complications such as bleeding, which leads to the formation of hematomas in the groin. This is due mainly to the use of stenting in lowering drugs blood clotting. Sometimes it may be infected catheter insertion site. Also, there is a complication, as an allergic reaction to the radiopaque substance (a substance that is used for X-ray control during operation).

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