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Symptoms of a herniated disc

Symptoms of a herniated disc

Pain in the leg with herniated disc

Symptoms of a herniated disk herniation depend on the location and size. If a herniated disc does not put pressure on the spinal nerves, the manifestations of disc herniation can only be a pain in the back or even may be no symptoms.

If the hernia is putting pressure on spinal nerves, then there will be displays of weakness, numbness or even paralysis of the limbs.

If a herniated disc in the lumbar spine is formed, it may be a so-called sciatica. This condition, which is marked by compression or irritation of the sciatic nerve and is accompanied by pain, which extends from the buttocks to the leg or foot. In this case, there may be a combination of both back pain and in the leg.

If the herniated disc is marked at the top of the lumbar spine, the patient may experience pain on the inside of the thigh.

If the disc herniation developed in the cervical or thoracic spine, the pain, numbness, and weakness may occur in the shoulder, arm or anterior chest wall.

Pain in the leg with a herniated disc:
  • Usually in one leg
  • It may begin suddenly or gradually
  • It may be constant or intermittent
  • It may get worse when you sneeze, cough
  • Can be triggered by sitting, prolonged standing, bending the spine, etc.
  • It may subside after a walk, lying down, as well as in other postures, the spine relaxes and reduces pressure on the disc.

What are the symptoms associated with lesions of the spinal nerves
Tingling or "downhill chills," numbness in the limbs, though these feelings may begin on the buttocks or behind the knees and continue until the foot or lower leg.

Muscle weakness in one or both feet / hands

Pain in the hip area on the inner surface of the anterior-

The weakness in both legs, or dysfunction of the bladder / rectum suggests manifestations of cauda equina syndrome. This is a rare complication of a herniated disc, but it is very serious.

Among other manifestations of disc herniation observed severe pain in the deep muscles and muscle spasms.

Symptoms of a herniated disc, pain in the leg with herniated disc, numbness, and weakness may occur in the shoulder, neck, arms, chest

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