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Surgical treatment of Parkinsons disease

Surgical treatment of Parkinsons disease

Prior to the use of levodopa in the treatment of Parkinson's disease surgical treatment was used quite often. However, after the treatment of Parkinson's disease began to use levodopa, surgical treatment were used were used less frequently. At present, surgical treatment is used in patients with advanced disease and in patients with ineffective medical treatment.

One method of surgical treatment of Parkinson's disease is the introduction of a special probe tip is very cold in the thalamus, which allows you to destroy the cells responsible for the tremor. This method is called kriotalamotomiya. This procedure, as well as similar to its stimulation of the thalamus, find their application in patients with severe tremor or when the symptoms affect only one half of the body. In addition, researchers have renewed interest in this surgical method, as pallidotomiya, which destroyed some of the globus pallidus - Special Education in the brain.

Also, scientists are exploring the possibility of restoration of dopamine-producing cells through their transplant

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