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Superficial marginal keratitis

Superficial marginal keratitis

Superficial marginal keratitis - an inflammatory disease of the cornea usually occurs as a complication of inflammatory eyelid (blepharitis), mucous membrane of the eye (conjunctivitis), meybomitov.

During the inflammatory process cornea compressed or swollen eyelids conjunctiva, its power is broken. At the slightest slight damage to the cornea, in the presence of microorganisms having a large kolichistva plots seal (infiltrations). Infiltrates are usually small and superficial keratitis, they gradually dissolve and disappear, or reserve the slight clouding of the cornea, which can also subsequently disappear.

Quite often in place of the infiltrate formed small ulcers that may coalesce, but usually heal. But sometimes, while reducing the body's defenses ulcers coalesce into one large, which is called the circumvallate and ulcer healing process lasts up to two weeks.

The patient concerned
  • photophobia
  • lacrimation
  • redness of the eyelids, eyeball
  • foreign body sensation in the eye.

With the defeat of the cornea often blepharospasm (spasmodic contraction of eyelids). On examination, an infringement shine and smoothness of the surface of the cornea, reducing the sensitivity of the cornea.

Treatment of superficial keratitis.

First, you need time to treat inflammatory diseases of the eyelids and conjunctiva. Appointed by the instillation into the eyes of an antibiotic solution (penicillin, erythromycin, maksitrol, gentamicin) and sulfanilamide (sulfatsil sodium, norsulfazol) preparations and planting of ointments with antibiotics.

Sometimes you need oral antibiotics. Applied antioxidants, anti-histamines.

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