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Neuroses of the pharynx

Neuroses of the pharynx

Violation of the sensitivity of the different nature of the pharynx can occur in many of her illness, and are usually caused by the defeat of the sensitive innervation of the mucous membrane of the pharynx or the pathology of higher nervous activity.

Neuroses of the pharynx appear in the form:
  • anesthesia (gipostezii)
  • hyperesthesia
  • paresthesia of the mucous membrane of the pharynx.

The most common cause of both increasing and reducing the sensitivity of the mucous membrane of the pharynx is hysteria.

Hipostezy and anesthesia of the pharynx is characterized by reduction or absence of the pharyngeal reflex. In addition to hysteria, their causes can be organic lesions of the central nervous system (syphilis, multiple sclerosis, brain tumors), as well as diphtheria and common viral illnesses. In rare cases, anesthesia of the pharynx may spread to the entrance to the larynx, which can lead to aspiration of saliva, food, and cause severe pulmonary complications.

Hyperaesthesia of the pharynx is characterized by increased pharyngeal reflex, increased sensitivity of the mucous membrane of the pharynx, it occurs in chronic inflammation of the pharynx (pharyngitis granulosa hyperplastic, chronic tonsillitis, etc.) is often a symptom of the overall increased nervous excitability in neurasthenia. When hyperesthesia patients often complain of persistent painful sensations in the throat of a lump, a film that covers the throat, scratchy, etc. Often there is cough, expectoration attempts, sometimes even these phenomena cause vomiting.

Pharyngeal paresthesia - often changing sensations of itching, tingling, numbness, and the presence of foreign bodies and others in different parts of the pharynx, in which usually there is no local diseases of the pharynx, identified by pharyngoscope. Such feelings are more often in people irritable, patients suffering from hysteria or neurasthenia, in menopause. Patients often focus their attention on the sensations in the throat and themselves are beginning to look for the cause of their occurrence.

Diagnosis of neurosis throat established on the basis of patient complaints and the exclusion of other diseases of the pharynx.

Treatment of neuroses of the pharynx should include a common therapy aimed at normalizing the nervous system.

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