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Prevention of lower extremity vascular disease

As mentioned above, prevention of these diseases is a change in lifestyle. That is:
  • Treatment of diabetes and control blood sugar levels
  • Lowering blood cholesterol levels - diet low in cholesterol (try to limit the maximum animal fats and vegetable oils preference)
  • Giving up smoking
  • The normalization of body weight
  • Regular physical exercise

Speaking about diseases of the arteries of the lower extremities can not mention on this important disease such as endarteritis obliterans. The cause of the disease are not fully disclosed. Moments that contribute to disease development are considered: Repeated prolonged cooling down, neuro-trauma, smoking.

The mechanism of development of obliterating endarteritis is in a constant spasm of small arteries of the lower limbs, leading to disruption of microcirculation. This eventually leads to the same effect as atherosclerosis of the lower extremities. Symptoms of this disease are similar to atherosclerosis. However, this pathology is more common in young men. It is not associated with diabetes or high cholesterol.

Treatment of obliterating endarteritis is different from the treatment of atherosclerosis of the arteries. The fact that the small caliber of the affected artery does not allow for this disease reconstructive surgery. Most often used drug therapy vasodilator drugs. Of operative treatment methods used endarteritis sympathectomy, like surgery for Raynaud's disease (a similar mechanism of their vascular disease of the upper koenchnostey). The only difference is the level of operations. In addition, the widely used physical therapy - DD currents, diathermy, aeropiezotherapy.

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