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Stages of breast self-examination

Stages of breast self-examination

Treat the event as usual hygienic procedure. Note that most of the changes that can be found in the breast are benign. Self-examination is carried out in good light. Before the beginning of self-examination is recommended to relax and unwind.

In accordance with the recommendations of the majority of women in the U.S. and Western countries regularly conducting breast self-examination. Moreover, this procedure is considered as a normal and necessary part of monitoring the state of his health. These actions recommended by the American Institute of Obstetrics and Gynecology. Well, let's make that our country and in this most important method of prevention, and above all, of course, the diagnosis of breast cancer has become as natural and habitual exercise.

 To conduct of breast self-examination is best at one and the same day of the menstrual cycle, since during this period in the structure of the breast and its size changes occur. The most appropriate time for this procedure - 5 - 6 th day of menstruation, when the mammary gland is in a relaxed state. During menopause, the procedure must be done in the same day of each calendar month. This event is a woman should carry a monthly basis, but not more often, or whenever changes are too small, so they can be noticed. The procedure for self-examination consists of six stages, but the correct and consistent implementation of it takes a little time.

The first
stage - survey of laundry. One of the signs that occur in the breast changes may be discharge from the nipple. A slight discharge from the nipple may go unnoticed on the surface, but leave traces on the bra. It is therefore necessary to examine it carefully: it for any signs of discharge from the nipple in a bloody, brown, greenish or yellowish spots, scabs.

The second stage - a general view of the mammary glands. Need to undress from the waist up and stand before a mirror. Then free to throw up. Look carefully in the mirror each mammary gland. Check to see whether there was any change in their size, shape and contours (note that sometimes an iron can be a bit bigger than the other, this is normal). Pay attention to the symmetry of both breasts: they are located on one level, and whether they move in and picked up an institution of hands behind the head, torso, turning left and right. Please note, not whether there was bias or fixation of one breast to the side. After that, raise your hands up in front of a mirror and look once more at a time mammas, paying attention to whether they move up, down or sideways. Pay attention to the possible change in the form of glands to form elevations, sticky, retraction of the skin or the nipple. Look, do not appear whether these actions of the nipple drip fluid.

The third stage - a skin condition. This phase checks the skin covering the breasts. You need to check the elasticity of the skin, as well it is going to fold. Pay attention to changes in skin color, the presence of reddening across its surface, or individual sites to see whether her diaper rash, rash, changes in the form of a "lemon peel". To probe the skin for its seals, swelling, bumps, or the presence of dimples on its surface, drawn, ulcers and shrunken skin. At the same time take the breast tissue into the crease between your fingers should not be, since because of its lobed structure in women may get the wrong impression of a tumor in her column packing. The mammary gland is recommended to probe the surface of the palm of your hand while standing with closed fingers.

The fourth stage - the feeling of the mammary glands in a standing position. This stage is very convenient to carry out while taking a shower or bath. Well lathered fingers glide over the skin of the mammary glands that helps in breast palpation. If a woman carries out the survey in the room, it is recommended to use a cream or lotion. Survey of the left breast is carried out with the right hand and right - left hand. Feeling done with fingertips, not the tips. To do this, add the three or four fingers. Then start feeling penetrating circular motions. The thumb in that the feeling is not involved. For large size of the breast it should support the opposite hand. First, a so-called superficial palpation, and the pads do not penetrate into the interior of the breast. This makes it possible to detect small shallow formation, located directly under the skin.

After that the deep feeling, when the pads consistently gradually reach the edges. This feeling should be carried out from the clavicle to the lower edge of the ribs and sternum to the axillary line, including the underarm area, where you can find enlarged lymph nodes.

The fifth stage - the feeling of the mammary glands in the supine position. This stage is the most important part of breast self-examination, because only this way can be a good sound out all of their tissues. At the same time determine what the mammary glands to the touch under your fingers and remember these feelings. Feeling done while lying on a hard, flat surface. Under surveyed gland can put some cushion or pillow tight. Arm should extend along the body, or to have his head. At this stage there are two methods of feelings:

Squares method, when the entire surface of the anterior chest wall from clavicles to the costal edge of the mammary gland and mentally divided into small squares. Feeling breast performed consistently in each square from the top down.
The method of the spiral, when feeling out of the breast is held in a spiral, starting from the armpit, and reaching the nipple. Use your fingertips to make circular movements, moving toward the nipple.

The sixth stage - a survey of the nipple of the breast. Through examination of the nipples is not necessary to determine whether to change their shape and color, whether in their field drawn, wet, pitting or cracks. Need to test the area under the nipple and the nipple, as this area may be a tumor. Note that this area of women is quite sensitive to the feelings and in some cases may be accompanied by erotic or, conversely, unpleasant sensations. At the end of self-care is necessary to take the nipple with thumb and forefinger and press on it, paying attention to whether there is a selection of their character, if any.

If you believe that since the last self-noticeable changes occurred in the mammary glands, should immediately contact a doctor or oncologist mammologist. Of course, you should never try to put a diagnosis on their own, let alone prescribe any treatment. Distinguish between different forms of cancer, mastopathy can only just a specialist. Be aware of the importance of the survey method, as even a malignant tumor can be cured by starting treatment early. Do not put off a visit to the doctor for later - may depend on your life.

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