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Pulmonary tuberculosis

Pulmonary tuberculosis

The causative agent - Mycobacterium tuberculosis. Infection occurs by Chach of airborne droplets by the infection.

The early period of primary tuberculous infection - 6-12 months. after infection. In predallergichesky period - the time from penetration of mycobacteria before a positive tuberculin reaction (6-8 weeks).. "Virage" tuberculin reactions - go negative to positive.

Tuberculous intoxication may develop in the early period of primary tuberculous infection and is characterized by a common symptom disorders (increased nervous irritability, decreased performance, headache, a lag in body weight, increased number and size of peripheral lymph nodes). Primary complex - fireplace specific inflammation caused by introduction of Mycobacterium place mostly in the lung, lymphadenitis, and regional lymph nodes.

Bronchopulmonary damage - the most common form of primary pulmonary tuberculosis. It is a complication of the primary complex or bronhoadenita associated with breakthroughs contents of the affected lymph node in the bronchus. The disease begins usually acute with high fever. There is shortness of breath, dry cough, weakened auscultated breath, mostly dry samples hripy.Tuberkulinovye pronounced. Radiograph revealed an intense darkening of lung tissue, corresponding to a particular segment or lobe of the lung, and confluent with the expanded and compressed root.

Tuberculosis of bronchial lymph nodes is the most common form of primary tuberculosis, beginning with the outbreak of acute fever, which is sometimes delayed for several weeks. Course of the disease long-term, there is a tendency to progression, when the process involves new groups of lymph nodes.

Hematogenous disseminated tuberculosis - TB in this period of primary tuberculous infection, resulting breakthrough tuberculous focus in the bloodstream while simultaneously sensitizing the vascular system. The disease occurs in the form melkoochagovogo tuberculosis. Distinguished:
  • typhoid
  • pulmonary
  • meningeal forms.

Effusion often accompanies primary pulmonary tuberculosis. Usually begins acutely with fever, chest pain on the affected side, and sometimes mild shortness of breath. The general condition is much disturbed.

Polyserositis (pleural, pericardial, peritoneal) occurs with pain in heart area, shortness of breath, increased heart border, noise, friction pericardium, enlargement of the liver.

Peritonitis may experience abdominal pain, disruption of the intestine.

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