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Precautions for patients with heart disease during physical exercise

Precautions for patients with heart disease during physical exercise

  1. Discuss the exercise program with your doctor, the best cardiologist.
  2. Regularly discuss your exercise with your doctor, especially if you have changed in terms of medical treatment.
  3. Ask your doctor how these or other changes in treatment may affect your ability to exercise classes.
  4. If you're too tired, and think that it is not related to the overload in the exercise, ask yourself "what did I do yesterday?" Try to change the beginning of exercise, start with a simple and easy. But it should not do aerobics if you feel very tired, as good in this case will not be enough, but here you'll feel even worse.
  5. Avoid heavy load, heavy lifting and other things.
  6. Ask your doctor what kind of aerobic exercise will suit you best.
  7. Avoid even short rest in the recumbent form during exercise, as it significantly reduces the tolerance to stress. In an extreme case, if you are very tired and you have shortness of breath, sit on a chair and otdyshites.
  8. Do not exercise outdoors when it's too cold, too hot or stuffy. At high humidity fatigue occurs much faster, and with the heat, and difficulty breathing worsens blood circulation.
  9. It is not recommended immediately after exercise cold or hot shower or bath.
  10. Never climb a steep surface during exercise. If such a need exists, then slowed down to avoid overload. Keep the beat.
  11. If you have a few days break from their aerobic exercise, reduce the intensity of exercise and gradually return to its original level.
  12. Do not start the exercises when you feel unimportant, sick or feverish. In this case, aside aerobic exercise for a few days until you feel better.
  13. If during exercise you appeared short of breath or fatigue, reduce the intensity of the load. If this happens all the time when doing aerobics, then maybe you have chosen is too high load.
  14. If you have frequent palpitations, then relax. After resting heart rate measure. If the heart rate above 100 beats / min or is irregular, it is necessary to stop the exercise, and further consult with your doctor.
  15. Do not ignore pain. If, during the aerobics you feel chest pain, discontinue exercises since, continuing to inflict you more self-harm than benefit.


Immediately stop the exercises in the following cases:

  • Chest pain
  • Weakness
  • Dizziness
  • Unexplained weight gain or swelling
  • The feeling of pressure in the chest, neck, arm, jaw or shoulder.

In this case, you should immediately call a doctor if these symptoms persist.

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