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Acute gastritis

Acute gastritis

Acute gastritis is an acute inflammation of the gastric mucosa.

The most common cause of acute gastritis is the impact from the outside. The impact can be quite varied:

eating disorders (eating unusual foods, overeating, drinking liquor, eating poor quality food, taking a very hot or very cold food).

If the diet contained a large number of pathogens, acute gastritis accompanied by food diseases.

Internal causes in the body as can sometimes lead to infection with acute gastritis:
a physical stress (extensive burns, shock, myocardial infarction, blood transfusion, kidney disease, with a decrease in their function and accumulation in the blood products of nitrogen metabolism, liver disease, in violation of its functions).
Acute gastritis can be:
  • catarrhal
  • corrosive
  • phlegmonous
  • fibrinous.

Separately identify allergic gastritis and gastroenterocolitis, which develops in foodborne diseases and the inflammatory process involves not only the stomach, but the entire intestine.

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