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Polycystic ovary

Polycystic ovary

Polycystic ovaries - one of the hormonal diseases, leading to what the body does not ovulate (release an egg from the ovary), and there is infertility.

Polycystic ovaries observed in any function of various organs: the hypothalamus, pituitary, adrenal, thyroid and ovaries themselves. Therefore, the disease can manifest itself differently depending on its causes and the diagnosis is not enough of any one trait or diagnostic method. Sometimes there are cases where the diagnosis of polycystic ovaries exhibited erroneous ultrasound. The fact that, according to foreign experts, about 25% of the ultrasound picture of polycystic ovaries can be observed in normal or in other diseases.

This requires a careful comparison of ultrasound data with results of other studies: clinical, hormonal, etc. In polycystic ovaries are most common disorders of the menstrual cycle (usually delayed), excessive growth of body hair, enlargement of the ovaries (but not always), half of the patients - obesity. In the measurement of basal body temperature (rectal), it remains roughly constant during the cycle, rather than an increase in the second half as the norm. In the most severe (primary) form of the disease, these symptoms appear as early as adolescence, after the onset of menses.

So, what should woman not to miss the polycystic ovary syndrome? First of all, should be alerted:
  • irregular periods, delays - this is the main symptom (not just the egg matures, so do not ripen and the lining of the uterus), menstruation have to wait a month, two, three, and breaks occur up to six months in the period of ovarian girl can not give special value of such delays
  • oily skin, acne, pimples, greasy hair, but these displays can easily be written off the costs of puberty
  • Suddenly, for no apparent reason, may increase the weight by 8-10 kg
  • there is an extra "plants"
  • Sometimes women experience some pain, stomach down as if pulled, can be painful periods, but the sharp, severe pain, usually do not occur.

Unfortunately, the widespread misperception that treatment should be started after the marriage, although the later treatment is started polycystic ovaries, and then the harder to succeed. So I would like to recommend girls that have these complaints, seek immediate medical attention.

But why is polycystic ovary syndrome begins at such a young age? The reasons are mostly stress, psychological trauma experienced by the girl in the 10-12-years of age. Encourage the development of the disease may be chronic inflammation of the pharyngeal tonsils, acute respiratory viral infections. Can provoke illness and poor environmental conditions, and the sharp change in climate. All this confuses the nervous system to the desired fret, prevents her from properly allocate the substance, "guiding" the work of the ovaries.

Treatment of polycystic ovaries is a difficult task. Not long ago, the main treatment was surgery. Now, in the absence of pipe factors of infertility usually starts with the appointment of hormonal preparations. We use tools that reduce the levels of male sex hormones, whose formation is increased in this disease, regulating metabolic processes in the brain structures, etc. In the presence of obesity is absolutely necessary to reduce body weight. An important phase of treatment is to stimulate ovulation. If as a result of the treatment pregnancy does not occur, make surgical intervention. At the present time it is done by laparoscopy. Unfortunately, surgery on the ovaries gives only a temporary effect that lasts for about a year. Therefore, to improve the pregnancy rate after surgery, again appointed by the hormone treatment.

In recent years a new group of drugs - agonists of gonadotropin-releasing hormone ("Dekapeptil ',' Zoladex ', etc.). Their use in polycystic ovary within 3 months, followed by stimulation of ovulation with or without good results and allows in many cases to do without surgery. It is important that their action is reversible, unlike surgery.

What is dangerous for polycystic ovaries have given birth or are planning to soon have children? Some women and girls appear uterine bleeding, with prolonged duration of untreated illness and increased risk of endometrial cancer, uterine body, and, according to some of the breast. Therefore, all women with PCOS should be the appointment of periodic courses of hormonal therapy for the prevention of these diseases since adolescence.

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