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Pneumococcal conjunctivitis

Pneumococcal conjunctivitis

Pneumococcal conjunctivitis in adults practically does not occur. Sick children and elderly people. In schools and kindergartens can acquire the disease reached epidemic proportions, ie almost all children become ill.

Features of pneumococcal conjunctivitis:
  • occurrence of edema century
  • formation of small petechial hemorrhages on the conjunctiva, which covers the sclera (white of the eye on)
  • the presence of whitish-gray film on the conjunctiva century.

These films are easily removed with a cotton swab. Under the film is found loose, flushed, but not bleeding conjunctiva. Quite often in the inflammatory process involves the cornea. It there are small infiltrates (seals), which after recovering completely disappear. All children who become ill with pneumococcal conjunctivitis should not attend children's groups.

Treatment of pneumococcal conjunctivitis. Appointed by the sanitation activities, daily change of towels and bed linen, pillow cases especially. In the early days of frequent washing of produce conjunctival cavity with an antiseptic solution (potassium permanganate, furatsillina). 6 times a day in the eye instilled solution sulfatsil-sodium solutions or antibiotics. Sometimes assigned to laying in the cavity of the conjunctiva ointment (tetracycline, eritromitsinovaya, sintomitsinovoy). All children and adults who have contact with patients with pneumococcal conjunctivitis to prevent sulfatsil recommended sodium for instillation in the eye for 2-3 days.

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