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Manifestations of Hypertension

Manifestations of Hypertension

Uncomplicated hypertension often does not manifest itself, for which the disease has been called "silent killer". This is due to the fact that very often people do not even know he had high blood pressure, and learns about it only upon the occurrence of its complications, sometimes fatal, such as stroke or myocardial infarction. Such a manifestation of asymptomatic hypertension may take up to several years or even decades.

In some cases, manifestations of hypertension include headaches, dizziness, shortness of breath and blurred vision. It should be noted that the presence of symptoms of hypertension - it is a very good sign, as compared to its bessmiptomnym course, as the patient learns about their illness and begin treatment.

In some cases, hypertension may occur hypertensive (or as they say, hypertensive) crisis. It is a condition in which has been a sharp increase in blood pressure, often in conjunction with neurological manifestations in the form of severe headache, dizziness, double vision. In addition, the Stroke can be observed nausea and even vomiting. There may be, and chest pain that is associated with ischemic events in coronary arteries (recall that an increase in blood pressure is a narrowing of the arteries). The appearance of such a patient may be characteristic, with redness of the skin.

Headache - the main symptom of arterial gipertenzii.Ne wonder the first thing that is recommended by doctors for headaches is to check your blood pressure, as well as this diagnostic method is very simple, but at the same time is very valuable.

Headache with an increase in blood pressure is related mainly to vasoconstriction of the soft tissues of the head. The most characteristic sign for hypertension is a headache in the occiput, and temples with a feeling of beating them.

Additionally, you may feel and tinnitus, which is associated with vasoconstriction hearing aid.

Double vision and blurred vision, for example, in the form of needles before my eyes, usually due to narrowing of blood vessels of the optic nerve and retina. This sometimes can lead to even temporary blindness. Narrowing of blood vessels and blood flow disturbance is the cause for the dysfunction of the retina with increased blood pressure.

Nausea and vomiting in hypertensive crisis associated with increased intracranial pressure.

Shortness of breath may be evidence of ischemic events in heart, when there is a breach of the blood flow in coronary arteries.

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