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Magnetic resonance imaging

Magnetic resonance imaging

Diagnosis of brain tumors using MRI

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) - a method for diagnosis of human internal organs with the use of the physical phenomenon of nuclear magnetic resonance. This method, like CT, produces an image in layers. In this method is based on patient radiation of electromagnetic waves on the background of a strong magnetic field.

MRI allows us to see with a clear brain and spinal cord and other organs. Modern methods of MRI provide such an opportunity as a non-invasive (ie, without intervention) to investigate the function of various organs: measurement of blood flow in them, a current of cerebrospinal fluid, to see the activation of the cerebral cortex in the functioning of various organs under the responsibility of this area of the cortex (the so-called functional MRI).

The method of MRI is a very high precision. It is used in the diagnosis of various diseases. MRI is ideal for the diagnosis of diseases of the spine, heart and aorta.

The risk of MRI

In contrast to CT, magnetic resonance imaging is not associated with exposure to the patient x-ray radiation. At the moment, any side effects MRI are not known. The advantage of MRI is the high accuracy of the study.

Before the MRI should remove all metal objects. If you have a body there are no artificial metallic implants (pacemakers, artificial joints, ports for intravenous drugs, etc.), be sure to tell your doctor. Usually, MRI is contraindicated in such patients.

Conducting MRI differs little from a CT. In this case, the patient also falls into a special chamber, where it is irradiated with electromagnetic waves.

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