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Limfogranulomatoz (Hodgkins disease)

Limfogranulomatoz (Hodgkins disease)

Limfogranulomatoz (Hodgkin's disease) - the most common disease of a group of malignant lymphomas. Limfogranulomatoz regarded as a neoplastic process, which extends from the primary tumor through lymphatic metastasis, often with the release of the pathological process outside of lymphatic tissue in the stage of generalization.

The clinical picture is quite varied and limfrgranulomatoza depends on the location of primary tumor and stage of disease. Swollen lymph nodes (usually cervical) in 80% of the cases is the first clinical sign limfogranulomatoza. In some cases, the primary form of disease states mediastenalnoy compression syndrome (shortness of breath, dry cough, swelling of the neck, face), erythrocyte sedimentation rate is moderate. During the often subacute.

The prevalence of pathological process providing 4 stages of Hodgkin's disease:
  • in stage I (localized) is affected by one or two groups of adjacent lymph nodes
  • in stage II (regional) involved in the process non-contiguous groups of lymph nodes on both sides of the diaphragm
  • in stage III (generalized) affects several groups of lymph nodes on both sides of the diaphragm and spleen
  • in stage IV (disseminated) disease process beyond the lymphatic system (affects the bone marrow, liver, kidneys).

Diagnosis of Hodgkins disease put on the basis of morphological (tap) and the mandatory histological (biopsy) of the study of lymph nodes.

The forecast can be beneficial even in generalized stages of the disease. For a complete cure requires clarification stage of the disease, conducting program complex therapy with chemotherapy radiation treatment.

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