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Kyphoplasty - treatment of compression fractures

Kyphoplasty - a new method of treating fractures of the vertebrae. His goal - the elimination of pain caused by a compression fracture, and to restore a part or the entire height of the fractured vertebral body.

During kyphoplasty surgeon conducts a small incision in the back and sets over it under the control of the trocar fluoroscopy.

Through the trocar tube in the vertebrae is introduced a special balloon, which is then filled with radiopaque solution. As you fill the cans, fragments of vertebrae, and are raised in its place. In addition, the balloon can compress the soft tissue inside the vertebra, and to prepare a "cavity" for subsequent filling.

Next, the doctor and retrieves cartridge empties, after which the cavity of the fractured vertebra, a special cement is injected from the polymethylacrylate. After that, over time the cement hardens.

The procedure is performed either under local or general anesthesia and takes about an hour for each vertebra.

After kyphoplasty, the patient should in the next days bed rest in hospital.

Pain after surgery, kyphoplasty is within 1-2 days. At home the patient can return to their previous physical activity, but the heavy loads, such as weight lifting, should be restricted for up to 6 weeks.

It should be noted that kyphoplasty is only suitable for patients with relatively fresh osteoporotic fractures of the vertebrae. It is recommended during the first 8 weeks after fracture.

Complications of Kyphoplasty

Among the complications of kyphoplasty can be noted as follows:
Infectious complications,
Damage to the nerve roots or spinal cord due to misuse of instruments
Damage to the nerve roots or spinal cord due to smudges "cement."

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