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Impulsive actions

Impulsive action - this is one of the manifestations of impulsivity. The action takes place instantly, without thinking, under the influence of passion, without the struggle of motives. It is short and often completely unmotivated.

Impulsive actions are the basis of disorders of impulsive instincts, characterized by aspirations to commit any act, master mind, intellect, and subordinating his patient's behavior. They are perceived as alien to the majority of patients, absurd, painful condition.

Impulsive actions are implemented without a struggle of motives and internal resistance. Only in some cases may present conflict of motives, which may last from several seconds to several hours.

However, despite attempts to distract from the emerging desires, inner tension, which requires the immediate discharge, patients increases, followed by implemented some form of attraction. Following the implementation of short-term relief comes.

The emergence of impulsive desire may be accompanied by a feeling of acute embarrassment, disturbance of consciousness.

Among the types of impulsive drives are the most common:
  • dromomania - an irresistible desire to change places and vagrancy
  • kleptomania - the desire to steal
  • the acquisition of unnecessary things
  • posiomania - craving for alcohol abuse
  • often occurs in people absolutely do not use alcohol
  • pyromania - the desire for arson
  • gomitsidomaniya - desire to murder
  • pathological desire for collecting rubbish ("simtom Elijah"), etc.

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