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Immunological infertility treatment

Immunological infertility treatment

Antisperm antibodies (ACAT) are able to block spermatogenesis, disrupt sperm motility in the ejaculate, to prevent the penetration of cervical mucus, interfere capacitation, akrosomalnuyu reaction, binding to the zona pellucida, fertilization difficult, split and break even contribute to termination of early pregnancy.

The treatment of immune infertility is a complex problem.

The first step in the immune therapy of male infertility is the elimination of all possible etiological factors in the development of autoimmune process in the reproductive system:
  • urogenital infections
  • varicocele
  • outflow tract obstruction seed, etc

However, normalization of blood, the absence of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), the restoration of patency of the seminiferous tract (when this can be done), the elimination of harmful factors of production does not ensure the disappearance of ACAT, when their production started.

Therefore, the second step usually requires the use of one or more of the complex of therapeutic measures:
  • drug therapy (systemic enzyme therapy, hormonal therapy)
  • Special otmyvok followed by intrauterine or in-line introduction
  • IVF, including sperm fertilization unit by microinjection into the cytoplasm (ICSI).

It must be remembered that any stimulation therapy is contraindicated in the presence of ACAT. In the presence of ACAT in the patient and / or his partner, and the absence of other pathology diagnosis of an isolated set of immune infertility.

In the isolated immune infertility conservative empirical therapy is ineffective only real alternative to assisted reproductive technologies are.

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