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How to lose weight and maintain weight

How to lose weight and maintain weight

How to lose weight? But today there are many methods for treating obesity, which is strange, that someone else has a problem with being overweight! Maybe right "spiteful critics' failure and guilt just laziness? But if it's not about you, and you decided, by all means to achieve success, it's time to learn about all the ways, then you will know almost everything about how to lose weight ...

First of all, it is of course a diet that even after the completion of a smooth transition to life in respect of healthy eating that will help you as long as possible to store the result of your efforts. Used for weight loss diets are numerous, but the purpose of them - to limit the intake of calories, due to what the body creates an energy deficit, and he is forced to use the vital processes of its own energy resources, including fat, which interest us most.

The most common diet is usually constructed so that a person uses a minimum of fat and carbohydrates contained in bread, pasta, potatoes, etc., which provide a normal person the most affordable energy. Intake of protein to limit unreasonable, since they do not accumulate in the body, and when they suffer a lack of muscle tissue, liver and immune organs.

Duration of diets can be very different - from 2-4 days to life sentences. The main thing in this matter follow a reasonable rate of weight loss - 3-5 pounds a month and a bit less. And the more time given to return the desired weight, the body undergoes less stress. So hurry to keep you from unreasonable use of very strict diets that promise high efficiency, but due to lack of income essential vitamins and minerals can lead to serious health problems.

Solve the problem of how to lose weight and designed a method such as fasting, which is conducted only under the supervision of doctors, with a serious limitation of power in the body is undergoing global changes that affect many life processes. Along with weight loss, fasting leads to a rejuvenation of the body, stimulate the brain and endocrine glands, and easier for many chronic diseases, are displayed in the accumulated body toxins and wastes.

Ridding the body from harmful substances, toxins that accumulate in the body as a result of metabolic disorders and poor digestion, underlies the following method of weight loss - cleansing the body. This is accomplished in several ways - colon hydrotherapy, cleansing enemas, special diets unloading, old folk recipes using herbs, various oils and honey, and such modern techniques as therapeutic plasma exchange, etc.

Cleansing the body is carried out in steps - first, the colon, then the liver and gall bladder, behind them - cleaning tissue fluid and blood vessels, and only then proceed to clean the kidneys. Such a sequence helps to avoid the spread of toxins throughout the body and re-absorption of harmful substances. And as the cleansing of the body has a very profound effect, is first to go to a consultation with your doctor to determine the numerous contraindications. Trying to answer the question how to lose weight, and with the help of medication.

Drugs to treat obesity, tend to take very long, and if non-pharmacological treatment of obesity is not unfruitful. They contribute to a well-defined weight loss rate is usually aligned to the sixth month of treatment, but after a year of treatment, the effectiveness of drugs, according to recent research begins to fall.

What can we offer modern pharmacology for the treatment of obesity? Such well-known drugs like sibutramine and phentermine have the ability to reduce appetite. When administered quickly there is a feeling of fullness that makes you quietly refuse from absorbing the extra portions of food. Other Vehicles - Xenical Orlistat or do not give absorbed fats from food by binding in the stomach with a variety of lipases, due to which fat and split, resulting in up to 30% fat derived from a chair.

Can not do in the weight loss and without increased physical activity, which effectively helps to increase metabolism and thus spend more accumulated fat. This can be walking, jogging, skiing and cycling, sports, swimming, gymnastics, dance and even a massage. The main thing in exercise - regular and sufficient intensity - at least 3-4 times a week, in a good size and the optimum load. If you do not know where to begin, start with a simple walking - fast, at least 100 steps per minute, no less than 4-6 km.

More effective energy consumption is climbing stairs, at least 20-30 minutes, at least up to 5 floors, the number of ascents and descents - 16-18. You can run, and - best slow and long, jogging, start training at a distance of 500-600 meters (120-130 frequency of steps per minute), increasing the distance of 100-200 m each week. The optimal length of the race for women - 2-3 km. In the winter instead of running better than skiing, then you can gradually increase the distance of 10-12 km and more.

And yet, as a last resort in treating obesity is considered bariatric surgery, used as a general rule, if the correction weight is not possible to carry out any other ways, and excess weight is 45 pounds or more, which is complicated by severe diseases such as diabetes, hypertension , lipid metabolism disorders, etc.

Results of surgical treatment of obesity is impressive - according to American doctors, patients over 10 years to lose from 20 to 60 pounds and maintain weight at the current level. In the arsenal of bariatric surgery available today several operations audited the general meaning of which - significantly reduce the amount of food enters the stomach.

For example, gastric banding. This is when you impose on your stomach silicone ring, which is why it is similar in shape to an hourglass. And the upper section of the stomach is able to fill and stretch even a small amount of food, and it is stretching the upper part of the stomach tells the brain that you were satisfied and there is no longer want. As a result, for a year and a half, lost 50-70% of excess weight.

The stomach is still possible to bypass - also creates a "small ventricle" at the top of the usual, somewhere in volume 50 ml, which is also stitched a loop of small intestine. As a result, half of the food is not the usual way, and once in the intestine, the nutrients are not absorbed from it. The result is very impressive - getting rid of 70-100% overweight for a year and a half.

More sparing surgery to treat obesity - Introduction of an intragastric balloon as a temporary measure. Is a silicone balloon, which is already in the stomach filled with fluid. Constantly pretending that he has food, balloon simulates the feeling of satiety by acting on the walls of the organ. Unfortunately, after only 6 months to remove the cylinder to avoid complications, but in the meantime you can lose 10-15 pounds.

As you can see, the answers to the question how to lose weight and get a long-awaited result of a lot. And it is for small - to get professional consultation with a specialist dealing with the problem of excess weight, and choose the individual program that will get you in optimal time, efficiently and safely recover a great figure and save it for many years to come!

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