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Hearing loss

Hearing loss

Hearing loss is a symptom that tells of the defeat or zvukovosprinimayuschego department, or conductive. Approximately 60 years nearly everyone says hearing loss. After 70 years of steady decline begins further hearing.

There are at least one factor that leads to hearing loss even before the emergence of age-related disorders. This factor is prolonged exposure to loud noise. Indeed, in repeated exposure of noise, measured a large number of decibels of noise such as engine sounds of shots from a firearm or percussion instruments of modern orchestras are dying of sensory nerve endings of the eardrum, through which man has the ability to hear. Not surprisingly, the rupture of the eardrum there is temporary loss of hearing.

Eardrum can occur for different reasons. These include severe ear infections and exercise, when the ear is exposed to strong pressure drop - when submerged under water, parachute jumping and weight lifting.

Certain diseases also lead to hearing loss. This is rheumatoid arthritis, syphilis, Meniere's disease and otosclerosis. In some of the people hearing loss may occur due to the use of some very strong antibiotics, such as the aminoglycoside.

Not all hearing loss is irreversible. Indeed, in some cases, hearing is restored after a very simple treatment. For example, sometimes children can establish a relationship between hearing loss and finding a foreign object in the ear. These can be items such as pieces of gum or paper.

Other causes of hearing loss include the ingress of water into the ears of swimmers, the formation of wax and otitis media - ear infection. Hearing loss in this disease is associated with the accumulation of large amounts of fluid behind the eardrum. When a person starts hearing loss is worse to hear, but often this symptom to join others who can identify the cause of hearing loss.

To determine the causes of hearing loss is necessary to evaluate auditory function. that requires analysis and audiological akumetricheskih indicators, among which it is obligatory to conduct kamertonalnyh samples, recording tone threshold audiogram.

An additional, more accurate method that allows to clarify the type of hearing loss, audiometry is made in the frequency range above 8000 Hz. You must include a plan for evaluating patients with hearing loss impedansometrii.

An important component of the examination of patients with hearing loss is the study of the vestibular apparatus, which includes analysis of the rotational sample stabilography. Since a number of diseases can cause hearing loss, consult your doctor so that you have established an accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment.

In order to reduce the risk of hearing loss:

Use headphones. If you do not hear a sound when you watch TV or listen to the radio, try to wear headphones.

Protect your ears from the noise. When you are working on the farm or in some favorite activity associated with the use of noisy tools, wear protective headphones, otherwise you may lose your hearing. Headphones will protect your ears when working with equipment for gas welding, electric saw, or when riding a snowmobile, or constitutes a danger to your hearing.

Apart from this defense, perhaps even better to refrain from certain activities, such as visiting the concerts with loud music. During normal rock concert - the music noise level reaches 140 decibels. Approximately the noise creates a working jet engine. People who attend these concerts, then when they get older, will regret it. They are exposed to excessive noise and now it harms your hearing.

Take care when removing the ears of sulfur. It is best to refrain from clearing the ear passage procedure with a cotton swab. You run the risk of perforation of the tympanic membrane cause.

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