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Gastric banding

Gastric banding

Gastric banding surgery, or for the imposition of the ring on the stomach is that part of the stomach around the top ring is superimposed, and the stomach takes the shape of an hourglass. A small portion of the ring, has a capacity of 15-20 ml. When a person eats very little food, she goes to the small ventricle and delayed over the ring. When food is spread a little ventricle and its receptors send signals to the brain: "I have already filled." Even after eating very little, for example, a quarter of an apple, one immediately feels a sense of fullness. Thus, one can not just eat a lot of food, as a result the total number of calories consumed drastically reduced, and the process of losing weight.

The great advantage of this operation, gastric banding is the ability to manage the diameter of the ring at any time after the operation. That is why this ring is adjustable. Such control is achieved by adding or removing fluid from the hydraulic system of the ring. To do this in the abdomen, beneath the skin, is the so-called "port", coupled with the ring of thin tube. Adding and removing fluid is made by a simple injection into the port with a fine needle. It is absolutely painless and takes about 20-30 seconds. Port eye can see, it can only feel out if you have special skills.

The operation of gastric banding is done endoscopically through cosmetic piercing. The great advantage of this operation is its high security and ease of use. Since the ring is applied around the stomach and its integrity can not be affected, the risk of this operation, very small.

After surgery, gastric banding patient requires special nature of power. What does this mean? Under the special nature of power we have in mind mainly the division of oral fluids and solid food. You should not eat or drink at the same time. This is to ensure that the liquid is not eroded the food detained in a small ventricle. To do this, at first drink (without limitation), and only after

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