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Fracture of the blades

Spatula - a pair flat bone located on the rear surface of the chest. It is movable. Blade attached to a large number of muscles. Fractures of the scapula are rare.

The mechanism of damage to the blades - this is a direct injury from a fall on his back, blow to the shoulder. Sometimes the blade can be broken in the fall, with an emphasis on direct arm or elbow. When fractures of the lower blade otlomok under the action of the muscles moves down. There are:
  • transverse and longitudinal fractures of the scapula
  • angles of the scapula fractures
  • fracture processes of the scapula: coracoid, acromial.

Patients complain of pain in the shoulder, aggravated by movements of the hands. In the area of the fracture occurs swelling and edema. Sometimes changing shape of the shoulder joint damaged blades.

Diagnosis of fracture of the scapula is carried out using X-ray images. At the turn of the scapula as a first aid should be hung in hand with a kerchief on the affected side.

Performed with local anesthesia with novocaine blockades. If there was a fracture without displacement of bone fragments from hand fracture scarf hung on for 2 weeks.

When fractures of acromial process of the scapula, or shoulder blade neck imposed a special bus that holds the arm in abduction position. It is necessary to preserve the function of shoulder joint in the future.

With multiple fractures, shoulder all the bone fragments fixed with a special plate or screws. Uncomplicated fractures without displacement of the scapula heal in 1-15 months, and in fractures with displacement of bone fragments, the application of plates or screws, duration of treatment is increased to three months.

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