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First aid for fractures

First aid for fractures should include stopping bleeding, pain, dressing wounds and in the presence of transport immobilization.

Immobilization - the creation of conditions for the immobility of the affected part of the body. Immobilization not have to be used in fractures of bones, joints, damaged nerves, major blood vessels, extensive damage to muscle, burns a large area of the body. In these situations, the motion, which makes the patient is randomly or spontaneously during transportation can cause harm to his health.

Immobilization of Transport - is the creation of immobile limb for the time necessary for the delivery of patient travmopunkte or hospital. It allows you to avoid further damage to surrounding the fracture site blood vessels, nerves, soft tissue and sharp bone fragments, thus, reduces the risk of traumatic shock, significant blood loss and infection. Transport immobilization applied for several hours, sometimes for several days if the hospital is far away from the scene.

Immobilization of the fractured limb is carried out by time & attendance tires:
  • ladder
  • wire
  • plywood
  • mesh.

Requirements for transport of immobilization following:

The tire must be applied not only to the injury site, and grabbing the next two joints, sometimes there is a need for immobilization of three adjacent joints. This is done to prevent movement in the joints, which are transferred to the injured limb. In addition, at the turn of the finiteness of the nearby joint, dislocation of the head can occur a broken bone.

Broken limbs should be given the correct position. This measure reduces the possibility of injury surrounding tissue, blood vessels and nerves. In open fractures the wound bandaged. Before applying immobilization tires, if possible, to have anesthesia.

Rigid bus must be imposed on clothing, or in areas of friction with bony protuberances is enclosed cotton, soft cloth.

Immobilization should be sufficient to create a stillness broken bones, as incorrect or incomplete immobilization can lead to inflict more harm than good.

Immobilization of an injury neck

Immobilization of an injury neck. If you suspect a fracture of the cervical spine immobilize the neck and head with a soft gauze circle, scrap materials or special tires Yelanskaya.

Soft range of cotton or other soft material is placed on a stretcher, his head placed on the circle of the victim so that his head was inside the circle, and head movements were restricted.

Sometimes it is possible imposition of bandages on his neck as a collar Schantz. This bandage should limit the mobility of the cervical spine, but does not interfere with breathing and blood circulation

Immobilization of the spine in trauma

Immobilization of the spine in trauma. If you suspect a traumatic spinal mobility is necessary to prevent the damaged vertebrae when handling and transporting the injured. This is especially dangerous because it can cause permanent damage to the spinal cord.

The victim is placed on a stretcher in the prone position. Under the head and chest pillow or other soft material.

Blaming the victim has to be careful with the help of several people. The victim lift a few inches, and is supplied by a stretcher.

Immobilization of a suspected fracture of the scapula

Immobilization of a suspected fracture of the scapula, or clavicle. In this case it is necessary to ensure the immobility of the arm fracture, and to eliminate the effect of gravity on the hand area of the fracture.

Hand with the injured party is hung on the headscarf, while in the armpit enclose a small roller. Immobilisation of the hand can be made with a special type of bandage desault.

Immobilization of an injury of the chest

Immobilization of an injury of the chest. If you suspect a fracture of the sternum or ribs, you can apply a pressure bandage to the area of the fracture. The patient should be able to breathe freely.

Transportation is carried out in the sitting position of the victim.

Immobilisation of forearm fractures

When fractures of the forearm to immobilize the hand and elbow joints luchezapyasnom.

Bus or improvised material is placed on the outer surface of the forearm. The hand with the elbow bent.

The tire must reach the top of the mid-humerus, and below - to seize her hand before the start of the fingers. In the palm of putting roller bandage to the hand rail, and the very hand hung in the scarf

Immobilization of a suspected fracture of the pelvic bones

Immobilization of a suspected fractured pelvis. Move a victim must be extremely cautious, as any displacement of bone fragments can cause considerable damage to internal organs of the pelvis.

The patient is placed on a hard knee nosilki.Pod enclose a large roller, so that his feet were in a half-bent at the knee joint position.

Immobilization of a suspected fracture of the femur

If you suspect a fracture of the femur is necessary to achieve immobilization of three joints: hip, knee, ankle. The tire must be a long and exciting area from the armpit to the ankle.

The correct immobilization of the hip fracture can be accomplished with the help of tire Dieterichs. In the absence of tires and scrap items can be damaged pribintovat step to a healthy patient.

Immobilization of a suspected lower leg fracture

Immobilization of a suspected fractured leg bone - in this case, use stairs, and other tire materials at hand: sticks, boards, branches, etc.

Tires bandage on both sides of the tibia. At the top of the bus must go above the knee, at the bottom - below the ankle.

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