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Esophagitis - Acute esophagitis, Symptoms, Diagnosis

Esophagitis - Acute esophagitis, Symptoms, Diagnosis

Esophagitis - an inflammation of the mucous membrane pischevoda.Pischevod is a tube that connects the mouth to the stomach.

Inflammation of the esophagus can be

Acute esophagitis occurs when stimulation of the esophageal mucosa of chemicals, with thermal burns, and various infectious diseases.

Esophagitis can occur with chronic administration of excessively rough or spicy foods, alcoholic beverages.

Symptoms of esophagitis

For esophagitis is characterized by a burning sensation behind the breastbone, pain on swallowing. The pain appears soon after eating and increases with the torso forward or sideways. After the meal, water, and walk the pain temporarily disappears or weakens. In some patients the major symptoms of acute esophagitis is a painful heartburn or burping air and vomiting with the release of viscous mucus, sometimes mixed with blood. In some cases, increased body temperature, and possibly esophageal bleeding.

Chronic esophagitis is often the outcome of acute, may be a manifestation of disease in the body of vitamins A, B, C.

The most common cause of chronic esophagitis is reflux of acidic gastric contents into the esophagus - reflux esophagitis. The disease indicate slack aching pain in the course of the esophagus, a feeling of heaviness in chest, belching or heartburn.

Diagnosis of esophagitis

The disease can help identify special study - esophagogastroscopy. At the first sign of esophagitis should consult a doctor.

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