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Diet for hemorrhoids

Diet for hemorrhoids

Proper nutrition for hemorrhoids

Both prevention and treatment of hemorrhoids are unthinkable without the proper nutrition. This is due to the fact that such violations of the bowel, constipation or diarrhea, may lead to a worsening of hemorrhoids.

Well, in the bowels affects mostly what we eat - that is, our diet. Only by adhering to proper diet can control the correct operation of the intestine.

A diet rich in animal protein (meat, fish, eggs, cottage cheese), predispose to constipation. If a person observes a long time too sparing diet, it also leads to disruption of bowel function.

It is important that a balanced diet was rich in all essential vitamins and trace elements. Dining with hemorrhoids must be regular. It is important to accustom himself to eat at the same time. If you are prone to constipation, you should eat foods rich in fiber, it is important with this increase and the consumption of water (1.5 - 2 liters a day). Bakeries contribute to constipation, so it is recommended to limit.

If you have diarrhea, you should consult with your doctor to determine the cause and make recommendations. When hemorrhoids is recommended to exclude from the diet of spicy and salty foods, and alcohol.

The most important component of food, which regulates the bowels - a fiber. Fiber is the main component of plant foods such as vegetables, fruits and cereals. Along with these important components of food, like fats, proteins, carbohydrates and vitamins, fiber - is a necessary part of the diet. It should be noted that the very fiber of fiber is not digested in the digestive tract, and disposed of intestinal microflora.

The main function of fiber - is the adsorption (ie, absorption) of water. And the adsorption of water in the intestine leads to an increase in stool, which leads to a decrease in the risk of constipation. Most dietary fiber found in bran food (53 - 55% of fibers), followed by vegetables (20 - 24%) and rye bread. In addition, today's commercially available and dietary supplements based on the fiber.

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