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Dislocation of the patella

Dislocation of the patella occurs quite often. By itself, patellar dislocation is rare, but cases of congenital anomalies of the knee joint or as a consequence of other traumatic injuries of the knee, patellar dislocations are second in frequency among the injuries of the knee joint. In most cases there is a dislocation of the patella outside, at least - an internal one. Very rarely dislocated patella called torsion, in which the patella rotates around its axis.

The cause of dislocation of the patella is the indirect impact of traumatic forces during sharp turns on the spot, jumping, during sporting events and dances. At the same time torn patellar tendon, and patella is displaced from its normal position. Patients complain of pain in his knee. In the state dislocated patella can not move the injured leg at the knee. Patient holds his leg in a slightly flexed position. On examination revealed change in the shape of the knee.

To make the diagnosis x-rays. In some patients, patella luxation reduce a post myself. In this case, patients complain of an episode of "mowing" his feet, after which there was a sense of displacement of the knee. After suffering a dislocated patella may bleed into the joint - haemarthrosis. But more pain in the knee joint and limitation of movement in it. For the diagnosis of this condition shall apply X-rays in special projections, and provocative tests. As a first aid should be given pain medication and transport to impose immobilization. After that the patient brought to the hospital.

Treatment of patellar dislocation. As the pain in the knee joint cavity is injected novocaine. The patella reduce a closed manner, as gentle methods that would not damage the cartilage in the joint formation. Then on foot plaster impose on the ankle to the gluteal folds for up to 6 weeks.

Assigned to physiotherapy. As much as the early stages, the patient should proceed to exercise therapy. In some patients, particularly those with congenital abnormalities of the knee joint, patellar dislocations appear familiar. In such cases, surgery. Techniques may be different: the method of Campbell Sitenko operation, the method of Volkov's method Krasnov, Elms-Trillatu method.

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