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Depression and personality type

For patients with affective disorders characterized by accentuation on:
  • order
  • constancy
  • responsibility.
  • Along with the schizoid rigidity of mind there is a monotonic adynamic (gipertivny personality type).

In some cases, the personality structure of patients with affective disorder is represented by:
  • schizoid
  • gipertivnymi
  • anxious-hypochondriac individuals.

According to those originally characterized by reactive lability (affective response to adverse external factors).

In other cases, the clinical picture of personality disorders is determined primarily by the presence of a lack of events in any sphere of mental activity (lack of proper emotion, conservatism, rigidity, the monotony of uniformity).

In these cases revealed signs somatoreaktivnoy lability. Gannushkin distinguished group of cycloid, including constitutionally-depressive, constitutionally-excited, cyclothymic, and reactive-labile

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