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Damage to the patellar tendon

Patellar ligament is a continuation of the tendon of the quadriceps femoris. It covers the kneecap and attaches to the tuberosity of the tibia below the patella. This ligament keeps the patella in place and allows it to move with movement of the knee.

Patellar tendon rupture is rarely complete, partial damage usually occurs.

Partial damage to the patellar tendon occurs during severe load ligament that occurs in athletes during a jump, and push and strain on one leg. Frequent patellar tendon injury among sportsmen has led to the name of this state - "a disease of the jumpers."

Complete rupture of the patellar ligament occurs in isolation from its point of attachment to the tuberosity of the tibia. Such damage occurs when you fall back, and suddenly a strong reduction of the quadriceps femoris. Patellar ligament torn from extremely rare.

Partial damage to the patellar tendon is manifested by pain in the patellar closer to the upper outer edge of it. Walking and running is not difficult. But when you jump sharply increased pain.

Complete rupture of the patellar ligament is characterized by severe pain and bleeding in the tuberosity of the tibia (upper front surface of the tibia). The patient can not straighten leg and lift straight leg. The patella under the quadriceps muscle tightens up. On radiographs revealed displacement of patella upward and separation area of bone of the tibia.

Treatment of patellar tendon injury.

In case of partial patellar tendon injury treatment is pain management through the introduction of the fracture solutions of local anesthetics (procaine, lidocaine), followed by the imposition of the cast. Sometimes a partial patellar tendon injury, especially Entrenched, can not be treated conservatively. In this case, perform the operation, which is called tunneling patella.

Complete rupture of the patellar ligament conservatively treated. Surgical treatment is a bone fragment utanovlenii at his usual place. Then the bone screw to fix otlomok tibia. Then 1-5 months impose a plaster cast. After removing the plaster cast and in either case is assigned physiotherapy and therapeutic exercise.

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