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Cyst Becker

Becker cyst or cyst of the popliteal fossa - is the result of inflammation of the mucous mezhsuhozhilnyh bags between the tendons of the middle head of the gastrocnemius and semimembranosus muscles. These bags are slimy mezhsuhozhilnye case scenario and there are half the healthy individuals. The disease develops only when these pouches develop an inflammatory process, accompanied by an increase in the size of bags, pain and movement disorder in the knee joints.

The cause of inflammation is an inflammatory disease of the knee joint. Mucous tendon bags have contact with the cavity of the knee joint through a narrow slit-like opening. Inflammation of the inner lining of the knee joint inflammatory fluid from the joint cavity gets into the bag, it accumulates and causes the disease. Especially inflammation often occurs in diseases of the bags meniscus knee.

A cyst is a thick elastic tumor formation in the upper right corner of the popliteal fossa, several displaced medially. If you feel pain palpation. To clarify the diagnosis carried ultrasound knee or magnetic resonance imaging.

Treatment of cysts of the popliteal fossa cyst or Becker. With recently developed cyst puncture performed. Cyst puncture needle pierced, the liquid is removed and injected into the cavity of the cyst preparations of adrenal hormones - corticosteroids. In inflammatory diseases of the knee joint is the treatment of the underlying disease.

Cysts that exist for a long time, conservative treatment usually can not be. In this case, a surgical treatment. Mucous tendon bag is removed completely. The results of treatment are good.

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