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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome - treatment

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome - treatment

Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) - recently very fashionable topic for discussion. Probably due to the fact that our urbanized and technocratic style of life, the everyday rush and constant stress, of course. contributes to neuroticism. We all know the feeling of "cumulative fatigue" after a hard work week, or emotional and physical "exhaustion" at the end of the working year, in anticipation of vacation.

However,  CFS is somewhat different from the normal, physiological fatigue. This syndrome as a distinct disease is not universally accepted by physicians. This is true because the reason for its occurrence is not completely clear. It was noted that often it occurs in young, energetic self-motivated people who are concerned with a device of their business or career. However, not all workaholics suffer from them. There is a hypothesis about the origin of viral syndrome, as in the blood of patients with CFS often have antibodies to the Epstein-Barr virus. Perhaps the presence of latent viral infection contributes to more rapid depletion of the body with high emotional and physical stress.

Another version of the origin of CFS is depression. It is known that 50% of patients with CFS show signs of depression. On the other hand, the so-called masked, somatic or matte depression include virtually all manifestations of chronic fatigue. According to the "depressing" theories, CFS - version of the doldrums. However, the fact that in the treatment of chronic fatigue have proven themselves not only antidepressants but also anti-inflammatory drugs, says, rather, a complex origin of the syndrome - and the viral and the psychic.

So, what are the clinical manifestations of CFS?

First, there is a constant feeling of lethargy and weakness, which persist after a night of sleep and proper rest. These manifestations, in fact, not related to the intensity of physical or emotional stress. Patients are constantly feel overwhelmed, I want to sit or lie down. Any load that had passed unnoticed - such as housework or socializing with friends at a party - quickly exhausting, irritating, and a desire to retire. Due to the constant fatigue, unwillingness to do anything, and complaints of weakness, such patients can produce an impression on others lazy "slackers" or "malingerers" because of objective reasons for such behavior, it would seem not. Moreover, if the lethargy and fatigue with little work complains a young man and physically strong.

The second important manifestation of CFS are pain in muscles and joints. These pains may be non-intensive, aching, then worse, then going for no apparent reason. Their presence has led many physicians to refer to a group of CFS Fibromyalgia - immune or genetic disorders of muscle and fascia. At the same time the body temperature is usually normal, the muscles are not hot and not tense. In addition to the muscle, often the appearance of headaches, as well as unpleasant sensations in the eyes.

In the treatment of CFS currently using several groups of drugs - nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory, sedative, antidepressant, immunomodumolyatory. However, before settling on the diagnosis of CFS, it is necessary to exclude a number of diseases - immune, neurological, rheumatological, and borderline mental. Probably one of the first experts to which you want to complain about chronic fatigue, should be a rheumatologist. This is especially important for young patients, because many rheumatologic diseases is manifest at a young age.

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