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Cavernitis Treatment and simptoms

Cavernitis -  symptoms, Prevention, Treatment

Cavernitis called inflammatory corpus cavernosum of the penis. Cavernitis may occur as a complication of acute urethritis, after the trauma of the penis. The infection can enter the cavernous body by hematogenous (blood-borne) from remote centers in angina, influenza, sinusitis, osteomyelitis, caries, abrasions.

Manifestation of Cavernitis begins acutely with high fever, chills, headaches. There are pains in the penis. In the penis the infiltrate (seal), which is well detectable. Without treatment, on-site infiltration formed an abscess (abscess). In the further course of the process revealed an abscess, and the affected cavernous body is not filled with blood during an erection, which leads to a deformation (bending) of the penis during erection. Abscess of the cavernous body may be uncovered in the urethra, in which case the subsequent violation may occur in erectile function, as well as its loss.

Treatment of Cavernitis. The patient required hospitalization, as in case of suppuration, the abscess is opened sooner, the better the prognosis and fewer violations of erectile function. Appointed by the broad-spectrum antibiotics.

The main symptoms Cavernitis

When one of the cavities in the corpus cavernosum inflammatory infiltrate appears, in fact manifests the appearance of painful compression of the penis.

In acute disease occurs acutely cavernitis unexpectedly. There is pain in the penis, which is very pronounced. The penis grows, its skin is reddish, edematous. Will appear erection not associated with sexual arousal. Immediately the patient having symptoms of inflammatory disease - headache, increased body temperature, chills, weakness.

If treatment is not Cavernitis arising in the cavernous body infiltration can fester. Then an abscess of the cavernous body is formed, which rapidly pushed into the lumen of the urethra. In place of an abscess grows scar tissue, but even that leads to a curvature of the penis during erection, actually has the ability to cause inconvenience or powerful as they say makes an incredible sexual intercourse.

Chronic cavernitis  caused by untreated acute process, although more developed as the original chronic process. There is little to be repeating the kind of painful inflammation of varying the length of education.

Prevention Cavernitis

Cavernitis Prevention - Treatment of urethritis or any other inflammatory disease, which can Cavernitis complicated by the development. In case of injury of the penis will certainly need a course of antibacterial therapy, and during acute tonsillitis, pneumonia, and any other inflammatory disease - carefully listen to your own body, and the smallest suspicion - refer to the urologist.

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