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Artificial Heart

Artificial Heart

The use of artificial heart patient increases the chances of a more qualitative selection of the donor organ

Every year on the planet from cardiovascular disease kills nearly 17 million people. Heart transplantation is the most highly effective treatment for patients with chronic heart failure unresponsive to medical treatment in the final stage of the disease. This trend is developing successfully in the world. However, the problem of heart transplantation is the shortage of donor organs. In this regard, currently in clinical use in place of mechanical devices to support the heart.

The artificial heart - a mechanical device that temporarily takes over the function of circulation, if the patient's heart can not fully provide the body with enough blood.

The need for this device occurs when various severe diseases of the cardiovascular system. For a long time, the patient can be with this unit in anticipation of heart transplantation.

The use of artificial heart patient increases the chances of a more qualitative selection of the donor organ. In such circumstances, transplants will become more reliable and their results will improve.

For today is a large number of scientific and technical developments to improve the artificial heart. Ideally, for permanent use, it must meet the following criteria: have a small size, provide an adequate release of blood, depending on the needs of man, made of durable, hypoallergenic materials, not to destroy the blood cells do not form clots.

The artificial heart is powered by an internal battery, which can be recharged from the mains without breaking the skin. The existence of this power supply does the patient for some time free in the movements. Control of cardiac function is carried out inside the analyzer. The system adapts to changes in the volume of blood pumped to the needs of the organism, there is an active monitoring system, providing effective feedback, and the signal in case of any malfunction of the device. The artificial heart is covered with a special fabric that allows him to avoid immune system rejection.

Years later, new technologies will allow the artificial heart to work better than the donor and the millions of people believe in the dream of salvation.

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