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Anti-inflammatory treatment for infertility

Anti-inflammatory treatment for infertility

As a rule, tubal-peritoneal infertility is a consequence of chronic inflammation in the pelvis, resulting from the banal or specific (gonorrhea, chlamydia) infection, often as a complication of abortion.

As soon as the adhesive process is already there, trying to deal with it, alas, not very promising. This however does not mean that patients who seek treatment for infertility should not be screened for infections.

Standard smear well reflects acute inflammatory process and must be made for each patient. In the event that a smear indicates the presence of an exacerbation, prior to infertility treatment a thorough anti-inflammatory treatment.

Anti-inflammatory treatment is not treatment for infertility, but it must in all cases where the woman are coming intrauterine intervention, therapeutic or diagnostic:
  • picture of the uterus and tubes
  • with the introduction of laparoscopy in the uterus dye
  • intrauterine insemination
  • IVF, etc.

In all cases, the preliminary anti-inflammatory treatment to avoid aggravation of the inflammatory process and remove the factors that reduce the chance of pregnancy and abortion in the case when it occurred.

In all cases, treatment should be carried out for both partners, and in those cases where there is reason to assume the presence of adverse sexual relations, it should explain to patients the need to treat all partners.

Recently, much importance is attached to infections, sexually transmitted diseases, especially chlamydia and viral (herpes).

In the event that a normal smear does not show any deviation from the norm, and the patient has signs of inflammation (pain, discomfort, itching, unusual whites) should conduct a study on the presence of chlamydia and herpes.

Fortunately, now in the arsenal of medical drugs are highly effective, allowing to cope with almost any of these infections.

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