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Algomenoreya - painful menstruation

Algomenoreya - painful menstruation

Algomenoreya  menstrual dysfunction, expressed in cramping or aching pain in the abdomen, lumbar and sacral areas radiating to the thigh, accompanied by general malaise.

The combination of painful and irregular menstruation is called tuberculosis.

Algomenoreya - one of the most common disorders of menstrual function. Blurred or moderate pain occur in 60-70% of women aged 14 - 45 years, 10% are of intense pain, significantly affecting the general condition of the woman and her ability to work. Pain starts 1-2 days before or on the first day of menstruation and usually stop for a second - the third day, often accompanied by nausea, headache, fever, disorders of the gastrointestinal tract. Monthly pain, their expectation of an adverse effect on general health, emotional and mental health of women, break family relations.

Algomenoree divided into:
  • primary
  • secondary.

Primary algomenoreya may be due to difficulty of outflow from the uterus and increased menstrual flow in this context its contractile activity. In the event of its leading role played by mental and physical fatigue, associated extragenital diseases, autoserotherapy to their own sex hormones (estrogen and progesterone). Such conditions often occur when maldevelopment (infantilism), genital organs, with a sharp inflection in the uterine internal os of the cervix anteriorly or posteriorly, which hinders the outflow of menstrual blood in cicatricial narrowing of the cervix after the expansion of abortion, with malformations of the uterus (two-horned, dvuhpolostnaya uterus).

Secondary algomenoreya appears when a variety of diseases of the reproductive system, most often endometriosis, inflammatory processes in the pelvis, tumors of the uterus and appendages, pelvic neuritis and other diseases.

Algomenoreya mostly occurs in women with unstable mentality. With the increased excitability of the nervous system of weak menstrual discomfort can turn into a real depression with fading libido, fueled by frustration with the possible infertility, dissatisfaction with sexual intercourse, pain during sexual intercourse, etc.

Women who suffer from primary algomenoreey, it is recommended to respect the work and rest, excluding the second phase of the menstrual cycle and during menstruation additional load limit sex. The most effective measure to eliminate algomenoree is a continuation of the pregnancy. To reduce the pain and the use of antispasmodic analgesic (no-spa, analgin, etc.), as well as tools that inhibit prostaglandin synthesis (aspirin, indomethacin), an estrogen-progestin preparations. Pain is often significantly reduced or are in regular use of oral contraceptives (triziston, antiovin, ovidon, etc.). In secondary algomenoree treats the underlying disease.

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