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Alcoholic cirrhosis of the liver Treatment

Alcoholic cirrhosis of the liver Treatment

It is believed that alcoholic liver cirrhosis develops in 15-25% of all chronic alcoholics. For the development of cirrhosis of the systematic abuse of alcoholic beverages must be at least 10-20 years. Features of alcoholic cirrhosis is the development of fatty liver and the presence of alcoholic hyaline (Mallory bodies) in the liver cells. Aggravation of cirrhosis typically occur during episodes of alcohol, while refraining from the patient's drinking, the patient's condition improved significantly and remained more or less stable. In the compensation stage the patient can not complain.

Alcoholic cirrhosis is accompanied by a particularly severe protein and vitamin deficiencies. This type of alcoholic cirrhosis is always accompanied by other organs and systems. Involvement of the central nervous system irritability, aggression, sleep disorders, alcoholic psychosis, delirium, psychosis, Korsakov. On the part of the peripheral nervous system arises alcoholic polyneuropathy, which manifests itself a violation of the sensitivity of the limbs, pain in the extremities, weakness and peripheral paresis and paralysis.

Develop alcoholic myositis - pain in muscles, muscle weakness. Increased parotid salivary gland. Hair falls out. Found Dupuytren's contracture - tightening seal and wrist tendons are usually 3 or 4 fingers. In this case the patient's finger does not bend completely, but remains attracted to the palm, which is felt thickened tendon strain. Patients are alcoholic gastritis, nausea and vomiting in the morning, stomach pain, diarrhea alcohol.

There is a lesion of the cardiovascular system - Alcoholic cardiomyopathy, failure of the pancreas - chronic pancreatitis, diabetes mellitus.

Most liver cirrhosis complicated by gastrointestinal bleeding. In decompensated alcoholic cirrhosis developed severe liver failure, jaundice, emaciation patient.

Treatment of alcoholic cirrhosis of the liver is to eliminate the causes of cirrhosis (alcoholic beverages) and in preventing further damage to liver cells. In 5-15% of patients with alcoholic cirrhosis of the liver is formed malignant degeneration of the liver - hepatocellular carcinoma (carcinoma of the liver). The patient is worried about the increasing weakness, weight loss, the severity of the liver, lack of appetite.

The liver is rapidly increasing in size, it becomes dense. They talk about woody liver. Sometimes on the surface of the liver palpable tumor. In later stages there is persistent severe jaundice, ascites, varicose veins on the anterior surface of the abdomen. In the blood analysis revealed anemia, increased erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR). In the blood, high levels of liver enzymes, alkaline phosphatase. Special methods of discovering secreted by the tumor alpha-fetoprotein.

Diagnosis is carried out by radioisotope scanning, ultrasonography, computed tomography of the liver, laparoscopy. Operative treatment, but not always possible. Severe weather, and often unfavorable.

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