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Acquired benign diseases of the eyelids

Acquired benign diseases of the eyelids


Papilloma growths are benign skin. Usually they are small, have a soft consistency. However, HPV can ozlokachestvlyatsya, so it is recommended to remove them. This is usually done by diathermocoagulation. Sometimes you have to excise them surgically.

Cutaneous horn.

Cutaneous horn called papilloma, has nipples and reach large sizes. Treatment of cutaneous horns surgery. His excised or subjected diathermocoagulation.

Chondroma, lipoma, fibroma.

Occasionally on the eyelids may be formed chondroma, lipoma, and fibroma. This is a benign tumor of cartilage, fat or connective tissue. Sometimes these tumors reach large sizes and cause dysfunction of the eye. Treatment of chondrules, lipomas and fibromas operative. They are excised, if necessary, eyelid surgery is performed.

Xanthelasma century.

Xanthelasma century is a focal accumulation of cholesterol. There is it in violation of lipid metabolism, diabetes, liver problems. Xanthelasma can be manifested in the form of spots or yellow color in the form of nodules. Sometimes the deposition of cholesterol may be around the century. Typically, impairment xanthelasma is. Sometimes it is removed from cosmetic reasons. But usually it reappears. Therefore, we recommend treatment of the underlying disease, normal levels of cholesterol and blood fat levels, diet and drugs holesterinsnizhayuschie.

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