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Acoustic neuroma

Acoustic neuroma

Acoustic neuroma is 11-13% of all brain tumors are more common 30 to 40 years. This swelling does not occur in children before puberty.

Histological structure of the tumor benign. After the timely removal of patients are fully functional. However, in advanced stages of malignant clinical course is shown: the tumor compresses the surrounding brain regions and having severe cerebral complications.

Acoustic neuroma is characterized by slow and gradual hearing loss up to deafness in one ear. Often the patient does not notice the long one-sided hearing loss. Not rarely diagnosed with "unilateral cochlear neuritis" patients continue to maintain performance within 5-6 years after onset.

VIII nerve neuroma manifested in the earliest stages of development, due to its anatomotopograficheskimi features: tumor puts pressure on the formation of the internal auditory canal, the cerebellum, the bridge of the brain, the medulla oblongata. Pathognomonic symptom is a sharp increase in protein in the cerebrospinal fluid, whereas dizziness is not typical.

The degree of severity of symptoms depends on the size of the tumor. There are three stages nevronomy.

In the first stage - ENT - tumor size does not exceed the size of cherries, otolaryngology symptoms detected in the form of clear focal symptoms: deafness in one ear and on the same side of vestibular excitability and loss of taste on anterior 2 \ 3 languages, slight paresis of the VII nerve.

In the second stage has a neuroma size of a walnut. Expressed in all the clinical symptoms .. Due to the pressure on the brain stem revealed multiple spontaneous nystagmus, disturbed statics.

In the third stage, the size of neuroma is within Mandarin. Symptoms are caused by a sharp compression of the brain: a rough tonicity multiple spontaneous nystagmus, hydrocephalus is a violation of the psyche, blindness can occur due to compression of the optic nerve. Patients in this stage is not operable.

Treatment in the first and second stages of the prompt, it usually leads to recovery or significant improvement and restoration of health.

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