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Urethritis, gonorrheal, bacterial and candidal urethritis - Treatment

Urethritis, gonorrheal, bacterial and candidal urethritis - Treatment

Urethritis is called the inflammatory process in the wall of the urethra. Urethritis are the primary, if the inflammatory process starts directly in the wall of the urethra, and secondary, if the infection gets into the urethra of the other organs. The most common infection penetrates into the channel with prostatitis, cystitis, pyelonephritis, inflammatory diseases of the genital organs.

On the etiology (cause) is divided into urethritis:
  • gonococcal (caused by the gonococcus)
  • negonoreyny (cause Trichomonas, viruses, fungi, Candida species and other organisms, Staphylococcus, E. coli).
  • Infection of the urethra in the primary urethritis often penetrates during intercourse.
  • Possible infection in trauma, catheterization of the bladder. Occasionally allergic urethritis.

Gonorrheal urethritis.

Gonorrheal urethritis related to sexually transmitted diseases. Gonorrhea is transmitted through sexual contact. Sometimes able to finish and household transmission of infection when using a common towel, toilet bowl. Domestic route of infection is more common for children. At birth, if the mother has gonorrhea, can occur in a child infected conjunctival membranes of the eyes. After sexual contact with a patient with gonorrhea 4-7 days appear yellowish-gray, thick, purulent discharge from the urethra. There is pain during urination and a burning sensation. With the spread of infection up the urethra, inflammation of the area expands, the patient appears high body temperature, weakness, chills. In some cases, the latent period of gonorrhea lasts up to three weeks. In this case, gonorrhea often becomes chronic. The causes of chronic inflammation are nedolechennaya gonorrhea, gonorrhea in patients with weakened immune systems and the spread of gonorrhea up the urinary tract: the upper part of the urethra, the prostate gland. Chronic gonorrhea is usually manifested more erased. Pain during urination slack, allocating scarce.

Diagnosed with gonorrhea, microscopic examination of the urethra.

Gonorrheal urethritis cure venereal disease. Antibiotics are usually cephalosporin. After the treatment necessary to repeat smears from the urethra after provocation in order to prevent chronic infection.

Not gonorrheal urethritis.

Trichomonas urethritis. Trichomonas urethritis infected through sexual intercourse, through everyday. After 6-12 days after infection of the urethra appear whitish foamy discharge, itching sensation in the channel. Quite often, Trichomonas urethritis occurs hidden, especially in men. In one fifth of the male patients Trichomonas urethritis complicated by prostatitis. Treatment of Trichomonas urethritis spend metronidazole (trihopol) for 8-10 days, and be sure to have both sexual partners.

Bacterial urethritis. The primary bacterial urethritis occurs in contact with microorganisms in the urethra of sexually or otherwise. Bacterial urethritis may be acute or chronic. It usually occurs with less severe clinical picture. Patients complain of pain when urinating, itching and burning in the urethra. Allocation of increasingly scarce, mucous, sometimes purulent. But in order to prevent gonorrheal urethritis must conduct a microscopic examination of smears from the urethra. Sometimes bacterial urethritis is prolonged and becomes chronic. Secondary bacterial urethritis may occur in debilitated patients in the presence of foci of infection in other organs. He usually goes unnoticed, and requires prolonged treatment.

Treatment of bacterial urethritis is carried out with the obligatory account of the sensitivity of microorganisms to antibiotics. Recently, because of the wide spread of antibiotic resistant microorganisms increased to antibiotics, therefore, for the treatment of bacterial urethritis have to use the most effective antibiotics, the second and third generations. The combination of urethritis with other inflammatory diseases of the urinary system is carried out comprehensive treatment.

Candido mycotic (Candida), urethritis developed in lesions of the mucous membrane of urethra yeast genus Candida. Is quite rare. Often occurs with prolonged antibiotic treatment of another inflammatory process. In this case, the antibiotic should be stopped. Appointed by the drug Diflucan, restorative treatments, and vitamins.

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