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Truncus arteriosus - Diagnosis, Treatment

Truncus arteriosus - Diagnosis, Treatment

This malformation of the heart occurs with a frequency of 2% of all under3 congenital heart defects. Normally, blood from the heart are two large vessels: the pulmonary trunk (artery) in the pulmonary circulation, the lungs and the aorta - the systemic circulation. With the development of this evil blood from both ventricles falls into a common trunk from the exhaust of both ventricles. This common trunk carries a mixture of venous and arterial blood and is moving away from it vessels to the lungs, heart and throughout the body. This vice is almost always accompanied by ventricular septal defect. In the trunk there are valves, the number of which may be different. The pressure in this case the same in both ventricles, a common trunk and pulmonary arteries.

There are four types of defect, depending on the place of origin of the pulmonary arteries. In children with a common arterial trunk arises exertional dyspnea, and cyanosis of the ill-defined (cyanosis).

Diagnosis of this vice is based on listening systolic murmur on the left of the sternum, may also be a diastolic murmur. An electrocardiogram may show signs of variably increase both ventricles. On radiographs reveal changes in the lungs, increasing the size of the heart. Only angiography (study using contrast agents) establish the type of defect and outline possible ways of its surgical treatment.


In the absence of surgical treatment, only about 10% of patients live to 20-30 years. The operation is performed in a child aged 2 to 5 years. Clipping is performed pulmonary artery from the common trunk and connect them with the right ventricle with an artificial prosthesis with flaps. Close the ventricular septal defect patch. Mortality in the surgical treatment of 26%. It increases with age operated.

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