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Treatment of pleurisy

Treatment of pleurisy

Treatment is provided only to patients in the hospital after the cause of the disease.

Combined treatment of pleurisy include:

- Antibacterial treatment for pleurisy, wearing an infectious and allergic nature - directed chemotherapy for pleurisy different origin.

When pnevritah arising from pneumonia used broad-spectrum antibiotics (amoxiclav, amoxicillin, ceftriaxone, gentamicin).

Antibiotic and chemotherapeutic agents are administered intramuscularly or intravenously, if necessary - into the lung.

- Purification of the pleural cavity effusion, lavage antimicrobials.

- The use of drugs that weaken the effect of allergic and anti-inflammatory drugs (salicylic acid derivatives, aminopyrine, etc.). When tuberculosis and rheumatic pleural effective use of prednisone, prescribed streptomycin, or ftivazid tubazid, Pasco.

- The use of therapeutic techniques that are aimed at strengthening the immune-protective functions of the body: compliance with bed rest in the acute phase, a special diet, food, rich in vitamins, with the necessary amount of protein (1.5-2 g per kilogram of body weight), restriction of fluid and salt , intravenous injections of ascorbic acid, vitamin B drip plasma kislorodolechenie. When the disease stihanii use physical methods of treatment: active breathing exercises, massage, ultrasound and electrophoresis with calcium chloride for 10 - 15 procedures.

- Treatment aimed at eliminating the symptoms of the disease (compresses, mustard plasters, antitussive drugs, etc.). To reduce the pain pounded his chest with essential oils of fir, pine, eucalyptus, lavender.

In combination with other drugs can also be used phytotherapy (herbal medicine). Just before taking this or that collection, you should be familiar with the contraindications for herbs, which is part of the collection in Travnik.

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