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Treatment of mastitis

Treatment of mastitis

Unfortunately, the breast often causes no serious concern for women. There is no special anxiety, and doctors. Some are not too educated, indifferent gynecologists tell their patients: "Do not worry, every second woman has mastopathy". Meanwhile, there are reasons for concern. Nothing so bad as neglected diseases.

If your doctor has diagnosed mastitis must be kept under his supervision. Treatment should be preceded by careful study of the hormonal status of women, in addition, the choice of tools depends on the characteristics of the disease, age and general condition.

For the treatment of mastitis now doctors prescribe:
  • hormonal treatment
  • non-hormonal treatment.

Besides the usual assortment of drugs and medicines is constantly updated, and experts continue to argue about how the method can be considered as the most effective and safe.

The treatment of diffuse mastopathy is based on eliminating the root cause that caused the disorder of the pituitary gland and ovaries. It is often necessary to start with treatment of gynecological diseases, the normalization of the liver, nervous system.

Hormonal treatment of mastitis effective at the epithelial elements. As a means of hormone replacement therapy use antiestrogens (tamoxifen, FARESTON), preparations for oral contraceptives, progestins, androgens, inhibitors of prolactin, a hormone analogs liberating gonadotropin (LHRH). The use of LHRH analogues is possible in patients with painful mastodynia (chest pain) with no effect on the treatment of other hormones. However, the proliferative fibroadenomatosis and fibro-cystic mastopathy fibromatous or are difficult to hormonal therapy.

When the nodal mastopathy use tools specific immunotherapy, as well as, mainly, surgical treatment, that is, excision of nodes as they are discovered. However, recently, for surgical treatment of mastitis were treated with caution, because the operation does not eliminate the cause of the disease. Many women who have had po10-15 operations, after each surgical sites appeared again, lying along the surgical suture, like bunches of grapes.

Another tactic in relation to mastitis - a conservative observation. Diagnosis, the doctor puts a woman on account of watching the process in the mammary glands 1 every 6-12 months. If a woman is young, she once every two years (at an older age - annually) is mammography, that is, x-ray of the breast. Bromkamforu prescribed vitamins, potassium iodide. The conservative way is certainly more humane for mental patients, it eliminates the operations and the associated suffering, but the most important issue - the prevention of breast cancer - does not solve, since the method is not always possible to monitor the doctors time to notice the transformation of mastitis in cancer, and for six months - a year of the process often becomes irreversible.

The methods of non-hormonal treatment of mastitis include the correction of diet, proper selection of bras, the use of vitamins, diuretics, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory, improve blood circulation of funds and other widely used antioxidants, in particular, B-keratin, intensely affecting the liver. Useful for liver vitamin complexes, which include vitamins A, B, E.

Considered as a precancerous breast disease, and therefore taking natural antioxidants - vitamins E and C, beta-carotene, phospholipids, selenium, zinc - requires long. Important and iodine, which helps normalize hormone ovary. Iodine deficiency in the body can make, such as seafood. Many experts suggest alternative methods of treatment of mastitis: homeopathy, herbal medicine, immunomodulatory drugs.

At present, for the prevention and in treatment of mastitis are widely used dietary supplements. The task - to bring the body into a state of remission, which is close to normal. In this case the pain go away, too, the cyst disappeared. A woman can only be screened regularly, and supportive therapy. Do not forget that with fibrocystic disease are contraindicated any precipitating factors: physiotherapy, as well as visits to spas, sun and artificial tanning. In addition, women who have had mastopathy, you need to continue to protect your body, to lead a healthier lifestyle: avoid alcohol, smoking, eat right and move a lot, sleep at least eight or nine hours, to avoid stress.

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