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Treatment of gangrene of lung

Treatment of gangrene of lung. Diagnosis and treatment of lung gangrene

Gangrenous abscess, the abscess is considered a transitional form of lung gangrene, or, more likely, the transition under the influence of the treatment of gangrene in a limited process - lung abscess, but still keeping some signs of gangrene, such as necrosis of large sections of lung tissue, the absence of pronounced granulation of the shaft. However, it should be noted that this division is rather arbitrary.

Gangrene - the most severe form of purulent lesions of the lung. The disease is characterized by necrosis and putrid decay of lung tissue, which is caused by putrid infection. Absorption of products of putrefactive decomposition, resulting in gangrene of the lung, and bacterial toxins leads to the strongest intoxicated patient. When lung gangrene begins to separate a large amount of foul-smelling frothy sputum mixed with blood from the pulmonary vessels. The process is usually involved and pleura.

An examination of the patient draw the attention of severe shortness of breath, anemia, a lot of moist rales of various caliber. Radiographically, a large shadow in the lung, which increases with each passing day. For lung gangrene is characterized by the absence of restrictions changed from a healthy lung tissue. Land mortify tissue without sharp boundaries becomes ramyagchennuyu lung tissue of dark color, which is also without clear boundaries goes into healthy tissue.

Suppuration of light most often occur as a complication of acute pneumonia, bronchiectasis, and when released into the bronchial foreign body in the wound or the lung tumor. Less commonly, the infection gets into the light from distant foci of inflammation hematogenic or lymphatic vessels.

Diagnosis and treatment of lung gangrene

Before the advent of antibiotics, patients with lung gangrene usually die within the first days of illness. But now, in the conservative treatment mortality reached 100%.

The only therapeutic approach is a radical surgery to remove the source of infection. The optimal timing of surgical treatment is 14-21 days and the beginning of the destructive process in the lung in the stabilization of the general condition of the patient. Despite advances in lung surgery, mortality among patients with acute abscesses and gangrene of the lung in particular remains high. The most frequent causes of death are pnevmogenny sepsis, multiple organ failure, and pulmonary hemorrhage.

Analysis of the causes of deaths can be concluded that progress in dealing with this difficult disease to be associated primarily with the timely warning of pulmonary suppurations.

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