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Effective diet

Effective diet

Of course, the first thing he wants to lose weight any craving - is to find the most effective diet. But so many diets, and they work on different principles often, how to recognize the very-most? Let's try to derive the basic principles of good diet, and do not forget about the favorable conditions of its implementation.

Effective diet

For a start, an effective diet can not be so, if not is based on the reduction of caloric intake to body fat stores stopped doing and started to spend on existing ones. But not to disturb the course of metabolic processes, the optimal exercise which helps to get rid of excess fat, food must be complete, so you may in no way condemned himself to a frank starvation, and ideally acquired healthy eating habits that will help you for years stay slim.

But the biggest mistake in respect of even the most effective diets - for a long time, more than the prescribed time limits to be reduced by the consumption of calories, it goes around comes around you losing health, depression, high morbidity, and constipation. Weight loss program, once started, must be maintained inside and out, no more and no less, to avoid the progressive resistance to any reduction in body weight, which is called a boomerang effect. And too much can also reduce calories, then you will feel a constant hunger, and the body reacts to this decrease in metabolism, and hence the rate of loss of pounds, and the laying of fat at every opportunity, especially when returning to a normal diet.

In order to keep the pace of decline in body weight and achieve the desired results, it is necessary to resort to periodically discharge days. So, if you want the selected diet was as effective as possible, get in the process of losing weight gradually, first in the diet, limit fat, spicy, salty, high-calorie alcohol, and, most importantly, carbohydrate-rich sweet foods. This is the case of sugar, honey, chocolate, jam, white bread, pastry and bananas. They substantially increase the level of blood sugar and stress on the pancreas.

Reduce your calories gradually, so that the body did not feel acute discomfort, and bring a reduction of up to 500 calories and no more. For many, the most difficult to get used to benefit food lying in the heart of any effective diet - green vegetables, tomatoes, mushrooms, fruit, oats and buckwheat, bread from wheat flour. But just when they are used in the blood produce less sugar, gradually normalize pancreatic function and metabolism. Once again I repeat, do not go too far - caloric intake should remain at a physiological level, so as not to harm. With the same purpose for obtaining trace vitamins, minerals and other biologically active substances in the form of multivitamin supplements.

Therefore, the same in your diet should be enough protein from fish, lean meat and poultry, dairy products, foods from legumes. Required by the body, and vegetable oils, fats of fish. All these components constitute the most effective, yet physiologically complete protein and vegetable diet. And any good diet will help to quickly achieve the desired result, some well-known to you, the event. The first thing is to increase physical activity, namely, aerobic, that is, with the participation of atmospheric oxygen.

Need to make it a rule for long walks after work, active rest period on Saturday and Sunday. Many of the balneological procedures, as sea bathing, massage, contrast showers, shower, also affect the metabolic rate and help to expend calories and burn fat. And the diet really be effective if the harmony with you acquire courage, excellent health and high performance!

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