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Traumatic injuries of the hip

Hip fracture - the frequency of fractures of the femur up to 3% of all fractures. There are:
  • fractures of the upper end of the femur
  • the middle part (shaft or body of the bone)
  • fractures of the lower end of the femur, which include fractures of the femoral condyles.

Femur is the thickest and longest of all long bones of the human body. It consists of a body and two ends - the top and bottom.

At the top of the femur is rounded femoral head, which, together with the articular cavity pelvic bones form the hip joint. Below the head moves in a more subtle part - the neck.

The cervix connects the body of the femur at an angle. On the lateral surface of the upper part of the body of the femur are two tabs - large and small skewer. The body of the femur rounded, like all bones, some bent forward. At the lower end of the femur are extensions - external and internal condyles.

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