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Tourettes syndrome

Tourettes syndrome

This syndrome is characterized by a combination of generalized motor and vocal tics simple. Tiki - it's fast, repetitive movements that a person is unable to control the mind. In Tourette syndrome tics facial muscles combined with violent involuntary sounds or words - the so-called voice or vocal tics. The disease usually starts in the 5 to 6 years of age with the appearance of ordinary violent movements (blinking, twitching of individual small muscles of the face. Protruding tongue).

As time is the spread of ticks on the shoulder, torso and legs. progressively more complex movements tick, and they resemble purposeful. Although still involuntary. Characterized by the suddenness of a tick, quick to implement them. Attempts to arbitrarily slow they usually do not have success. Movement of the same type in its manifestations (sharp, quick, jerky), sometimes causing patients a serious injury because they can not control the sudden movement. Gradually, motor ticks attached sound symptoms: pronunciation of individual sounds and inarticulate words is a characteristic feature of the syndrome. 

In some cases there may be a so-called echolalia, that is, compulsive repetition of words, syllables or sounds. In half the cases with Tourette syndrome may be vocal tics with indecent abusive words, as well as obscene gestures. At the same time patients are well aware of the inadequacy and unacceptability of his behavior, but can not control their behavior. Because of this possible secondary psychiatric disorders - depression with depression and isolation, low self-esteem and avoiding contact with people. Considering the time that the ticks are amplified by emotional stress, such patients are particularly uncomfortable feeling in the public places where notices that others, not knowing about their illness, are hostile.

An important aspect of treating Tourette syndrome is a psychological work with people of their emotional support and participation. Beginning in childhood, the disease can occur throughout life, with age there may be some smoothing of the symptoms, because Patients learn to avoid unpleasant situations, smooth manifestations of their disease. In the treatment of the syndrome using psychotherapy and treatment with psychotropic drugs, particularly neuroleptics. Treatment with drugs can somewhat reduce the severity of tics, as well as reducing irritability and emotional tension.

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